9 Social Media Tips When Selling Homes for Cash

The number of social media users across the globe is more than 3.5 billion. It’s highly unlikely to find a millennial who isn’t in either of the sites with the different social media platforms available. If there’s an industry that has mainly benefited from social media, it has to be the real estate sector. 

Traditionally, houses were solely sold through a real estate agent, who would then take photos of the property on sale and list it on MLS. While some people still use realtors, you don’t have to. Times have changed! 

Do you know you can sell your house fast through social media without involving a realtor? Here are some of the top social media tips to help you sell your home fast.

1. Take Professional Photos of Your Home

The first things potential buyers are likely to check in a listing are a property’s photos. Your house photos should be striking enough to capture the attention of social media users. Fantastic images will have a significant impact on your house sale.

It would help to invest in professional photos of your home. Get a professional real estate photographer to take outstanding pictures of every angle of your home. Ensure that the house is sparkling clean and decluttered when shooting. 

Pictures indeed speak more than words. Dull pictures will give potential buyers a negative perception of your house. You can’t risk posting low-quality images on your social media platforms and expect to sell!

2. Use the Right Social Media Tools 

Are you wondering how to sell your home in 7 days

If you’ve already cleaned, decluttered, and taken great photos, social media is an ideal avenue for a quick house sale. Time is scarce when selling a property, as you wouldn’t want your listing to be stale.  

You can use social media tools to reduce the time you spend creating content. Some of the tools, such as free stock photos, will help you get the right imagery for your content. You can use Burst by Shopify or Unsplash for ideal images.  

Posting consistently will increase your chances of getting clients. You might want to consider free social media tools to help you automate the posts. As such, you’ll only prepare content in advance and set a schedule for automatic, regular posting.

3. Use 3D Virtual Tours 

In a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, 46% of homebuyers found virtual tours quite resourceful. The use of 3D virtual tours is one of the best ways to showcase your home digitally.

3D virtual tours allow a potential buyer to see a property on sale in a 360-degree view. It gives one an authentic feel of the property as the features are quite interactive. Some interested buyers might not be able to visit for a home tour, making the 3D video tours an indispensable resource.

You’ll need to hire a real estate videographer who will capture every single detail of the home. While you may want to create the video by yourself, the quality might not match up. A professional has advanced equipment to ensure that the end-product is nothing short of quality. 

4. Highlight Clients’ Testimonials and Success Stories

You can connect with potential buyers faster by talking about your success stories. The testimonials you post will increase the client’s confidence in you. It is crucial to note that thousands of home sellers are posting their homes on social media, and differentiating yourself is what will help you sell fast.

If you have sold a house successfully in the past, share it on your social media platforms as you introduce the new listing. The success stories are a great way to build confidence and trust. People love familiarity, and if they have seen you posting testimonials, they will be more willing to engage you.

You might want to consider user-generated content for the success stories. You can share shoutouts to your page while still requesting past customers who have bought any of your property to tag you for more engagements. You’ll be surprised at the rate of responses and queries you’ll get.

5. Advertising With Facebook

Using Facebook to advertise a home on sale is one of the social media approaches you can’t afford to ignore. With more than 69% of Americans using Facebook, the platform is the most popular social media site. You can start by posting the house for sale and requesting your friends and family to share the post for a wider reach. 

Better still, you can use Facebook ads to reach more people. Facebook ads are easy to create and don’t require a high budget. With these ads, it is easier to narrow down your target market based on age, location, interest, or even gender. 

From your Facebook profile and ads, you can announce that you have a virtual open house, which will be through Facebook Live. It will be easier to interact with interested parties during the live session as they will see the house and ask questions.

6. Use Instagram  

With Instagram, your content has to be quite visual. The site is all about amazing images. With the millions of users on Instagram, you won’t miss several people who will show interest. 

Your Instagram photos have to be well-edited and lit. Users might not even focus on the caption; ensure that the images speak volumes. Get high-quality photos from a professional real estate photographer.

Instagram has an option of an Instagram Live virtual house tour. Unlike Facebook, you can’t save the live footage or reshare it on any other platform. It is only realistic to have an Instagram Live tour if you have a significant following.

7. Optimize Your Social Media Ads 

If you want to sell your home for cash within a few days, your online visibility should be unmatched. You can improve your ranking on social media by pursuing ads and posts optimization. With the right strategies, your posts will reach a relatively high number of people. 

You can optimize your post by making the content valuable to potential buyers. While the main aim is to sell the house, you might want to provide informative content as depending solely on promotional messages might not appeal to your followers. Once in a while, discuss topics like ‘things to consider when moving to a new city,’ which many potential homebuyers will find useful.

It would also help to use relevant keywords in your posts and alt descriptions for your images. When someone searches on any social media site, your listing should be among the top. You might also want to use enough hashtags with the keywords to increase your visibility in online spaces. 

8. Don’t Forget to Use Pinterest

People hardly remember to use Pinterest when deliberating on social media advertising. Yet, Pinterest is one of those exceptional sites where potential clients visit to get relevant pictures on homes. 

Pinterest recently released an incomparably low-cost advertising platform. You can choose two of your best house images and pay for Pinterest clicks. It is advisable to pin several photos of your property before clicking the ad section’s red button to promote them.

The site further allows you to set your ideal demographic for easier targeting. It has a provision for choosing only major cities. You’ll be able to drive significant traffic on your listing with a minimal budget. 

9. Include Your Contact Information 

When selling a house by owner, your contact information should be on every platform you advertise. Unlike using a realtor who deals with potential homebuyers, you’ll need to be aggressive if you’re selling solo. Your contact information should be available online. 

Some clients will want to contact you immediately; make it easy for them. Getting in touch should be a tap away. Clients shouldn’t go searching your page to look for your contact information. 

Your social media posts and ads should include a phone number, email address, location, and website. You might also want to enable Facebook Messenger for a client who wants to connect for a quick query. A call to action button will further make it easier for people to contact you.

While you’re making it easier for potential buyers to reach you, ensure that you respond on time. You might want to use tools like Smart Inbox if you’re unable to keep up with clients’ communication. The worst mistake you can do when selling a property on social media is ignoring messages and comments. 

Social Media Advertising Is Indispensable in Real Estate

With the rising number of social media users, advertising your house for sale is one of the easiest ways to get cash buyers quickly. The right social media strategy will have you selling your home within a few days. However, it is crucial to know the best approach to take when using social media.  

From having the right photos to optimizing your posts, there are several tactics at your disposal to increase your chances of closing a sale. With these tactics, you won’t have to worry about your property staying on the market for long.

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