Advanced Guide: 7 Steps to Sell Your Home in 7 Days

What if you could actually sell your home in 7 days?

At first, the idea of selling a house in a week seems crazy. But if you know the right steps to selling a house, you can get everything done in record time.

Wondering what those 7 steps are and how you can get started? Keep reading to discover the answer!

1. Touch Up the Walls

The good news is that all of these steps are relatively easy. The bad news is that we must start with everyone’s favorite activity: painting the house!

While annoying, this step is necessary because it helps you to touch up any walls that look dirty or even damaged. And a new coat of paint remains the best way to change the look of a room that seems old and out of date.

On top of that, this is your chance to paint the rooms in colors that will attract new customers. Lighter colors such as cream and even white create a kind of “blank canvas” look that will have buyers fantasizing about their own plans for this space.

If you want to use color for a bedroom, consider light blue or light pink.

2. Renovate As Needed

It’s an open secret that 7 days is not a lot of time. However, you must complete any necessary repairs and renovations before listing the house.

If the house has needed the attention of an electrician or plumber for various reasons (such as HVAC or toilet problems), call a local professional ASAP. When a prospective buyer sees a problem they think will be expensive and time-consuming, they will most likely move on to a house they see as “easier” to buy.

Painting and repairs may be a pain, but it all comes down to putting your best foot forward whenever you show the home to a new person.

3. Clean and Clutter-Free

It’s important to really clean your home before showing it to buyers. Unfortunately, many sellers don’t understand how to make a home “clutter-free” without making it empty.

For example, if you clean a room of all furniture and accessories, it can be a turn-off for buyers. Having a few of these things in the room helps buyers see themselves as living in this place.

But having too many things sprawling all over the place cuts down on your home’s visual appeal. A ton of clutter can make even large rooms seem smaller (and therefore less valuable).

To get it “just right,” clean up all the clutter and remove personal items such as framed photos. But keep basics like furniture, beds, and television sets so buyers can imagine what they will do in that room.

4. Hire a Photographer

We’ve focused a lot on making the house look good on a tour. But before anyone tours your home, they are going to scope it out online first.

One of the quickest ways to set yourself apart from other sellers is to hire a professional photographer. They can quickly take beautiful and eye-catching photos of your home’s interior and exterior.

Most sellers are going to snap a few pictures with their iPhone and slap them on a listing. But unless the seller has a really good eye, hasty phone pics will make their house look drab and unappealing. Yours, meanwhile, will look dazzling.

Don’t forget that photos are good for cross-platform selling. You can post those photos to Zillow, Craigslist, social media, etc.

5. Do Your Homework

Now we’re coming up on the hard part: pricing your home. The trick here is to set a price that will attract buyers but also get you the amount of money you deserve.

Step one is to do your homework about home prices in your area. What are comparable homes selling for? Knowing this helps you set a price without severely underselling or overselling your residence.

Step two is to do your homework about the seasons. You’re likelier to sell a home in fall or spring: if you can afford to wait for those seasons, you should.

Finally, step three is to do your homework about buyer psychology. For example, most buyers will limit their searches in increments of $100,000. So, you’re better off listing something for $99,000 than $101,000 because more people will see it.

6. List For a Low Price

Now that you’ve done your homework, it’s time to list the home. But what price should you go with? Surprisingly, your best bet is to list your home for a lower price than comparable homes in your area.

On the most basic level, a low price attracts more prospective buyers. But why not sell a home for exactly how much you want?

The goal of a low price is to start a bidding war between interested buyers. When multiple people take the bait of a low price, they will help to drive the final price up without making you seem like the bad guy.

Ideally, you will sell the home for a high price. But even if you “only” get the amount you originally wanted, the low starting price helps to sell the home far sooner than an average price would.

7. Offer “Extras”

In some ways, selling a home is like selling anything else. To get a buyer’s attention, you should consider offering them some “extras” as an incentive.

One common incentive is to cover their closing costs. This can make a home particularly attractive, especially to first-time buyers.

If you have newer appliances in your home, offer to transfer the warranties over to the new owners. This offers peace of mind that they won’t be replacing major appliances soon after closing.

Finally, consider advertising an expedited closing process. While you were likely planning to do this anyway (hence, the 7-day goal), the prospect of moving in very quickly may motivate buyers (especially cash buyers).

Steps to Selling A House: Closing Time

Now you know the steps to selling a house. But do you know how to get an offer right away?

We buy Pueblo houses like yours each week. To see how quickly we can take a home off your hands, come get a cash offer today!

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