Tips to Avoiding Capital Gains Tax When Selling Your Home

When you are ready to sell a home, you may be wondering about the tax implications of doing so. If you’re asking, do you pay sales tax on a house? The answer may be yes. You could also be wondering about the possibility of selling your house. And thinking who will buy my home in … Continued

Sell Home As Is In Pueblo-Co

You raised your first child there. You hosted a Thanksgiving Day meal for the first time there. And you completed your first home renovation there. But now, as bittersweet as it may be, you’re ready to move on. You’re not the only person who feels this way. Research shows that more than five million people in the … Continued

What Are The Best Months To Sell A House?

Knowing the best months to sell a home is essential as it enables you to maximize the selling price. It also helps to minimize stress from the entire process. While most people think that spring is the perfect season to sell a home, that’s not always the case. In places such as Florida, Texas, Southern … Continued

Tips to Sell Your Home in the Summer In Pueblo

Are you looking to sell your home  fast in pueblo co this summer? You do not have to worry about how to attract buyers or how to make your home more appealing. We’ve got all the tips you need. Learn all you need to know about summer real estate and selling your home quickly in … Continued

Removing Name From Deed After Divorce Pueblo Co

Is the home you bought with your spouse the most valuable asset to divide during your divorce? Make sure you claim your ownership interest. The divorce decree, also called a judgment or order, describes how to divide assets. In most situations, the decree won’t transfer property between ex-spouses. You and your ex must handle the division of property … Continued

Divorce Sale

The American marriage rate has declined in recent years. But half of all adults over 18 are married. Divorce rates among the senior set have increased. When people age 50 and older divorce, there are more assets to split. That usually includes at least one home. If you’re divorcing, one of your biggest assets is … Continued

An In Depth Guide To Sell Your Parent’s House Quickly After Death

An In Depth Guide To Sell Your Parent’s House Quickly After Death Over the next few decades, Baby Boomers are expected to inherit more than $27 trillion from their parents. A huge portion of that inheritance includes their parents’ houses. In some cases, inheriting a house from your parents is a great thing. In other … Continued