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Hello Zac Wilson here and I want to thank you so much for visiting this portion of my website! Providing top notch and professional service is of up most importance to me. I know you have a variety of different options with other investors like me, and I want to make sure I really set myself apart from the other guys! Here is a link to all of the GOOGLE REVIEWS that other house sellers have left me. I hope to be able to assist you in buying your house today!

Google Reviews For ” I Buy Pueblo Houses”



Google Review- September 25,2021

I would HIGHLY recommend Zach if you are looking to sell your house fast! He will make you a very good offer with a process that is quick and easy.He walks you through the process and keeps communication with you through closing. Zach took a home with many repairs needed and made me whole. He also offered to help me move! He is very nice, professional and personable. Thank you Zach!! See more reviews here-

Tatsue Maekawa

Google Review September 2021

My husband and I had an exceptional experience with Zac when we sold our home. The offer on our home was fair and the closing was quick and easy. Zac offered to help in any way he could and was very considerate during the process. We would definitely work with him again. He is honest and a man of his word. See more google reviews here

Tanya Greaves

Google Review- January 2021

We were selling our 3rd rental property in Pueblo, and being absentee owners we were not able to meet at the property to do business. Zac was extremely professional, honest, responsive and fair when we were trying to get the house sold. We were very surprised when an offer came in so quickly, and it was what we were asking, so we know the price was fair. The closing was quick. The closing agents were responsive and honest and we closed in just a few days. I would recommend working with Zac if you want to get a fast fair price when you are selling a rental property.

Google review can be seen here-

Ryan Mining

New Seller Testimonial! December 14,2020 I Buy Pueblo Houses Google Page

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So right when covid got bad in march was when the tenant I had inside started not paying. It went a few months and I wasn’t able to evict them because of the moratorium or whatever that thing is called. The relief they gave ppl. Well I was still having to make payments on my mortgage I wasn’t getting any sort of relief from my mortgage company.So I needed to sell the house fast but had tenants inside that would not allow me to show the house for sale with a realtor. They were denying me access to my own home. I called zac and he was able to give me a cash offer on the house and he wasn’t even able to see the house. He told me that he was pretty uncomfortable doing that but he would do it in order to help me. Im so glad he did. Thanks a lot Zac.

Grant Lewis( I Buy Pueblo Houses) Google Page

New Seller Testimonial Nov 23,2020

Had a property that I needed to sell due to foreclosure and the bank not wanting to work with me. First they were going to approve me for a loan modification and that lasted for a few and then all of a sudden ”they couldn’t help” I didn’t know what to do. So I called zac. He gave me an offer and I accepted. I was saved from foreclosure and my credit was saved!

Ted Kubach

New Google Verified Review-I Buy Pueblo Houses Google Page November 14,2020

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Thinking of foreclosure? NOOOOO!!! DON’T DO IT……CALL ZAC instead…. This guy is amazing. I really thought I was just going to have to give up on my house, let it go into foreclose, and walk away with nothing. That was my plan, but then I met Zac through his FB site…we chatted a bit and figured things out. He bought my house basically sight unseen, he paid cash for it, paying off both mortgages. and put some cash in my pocket besides. He covered all closing expenses and threw in a little bonus for my daughter and myself. All was done within 10 days including my money, as promised, deposited into my bank account. He’s easy to work with, great to chat with and he gets things done super fast. I would recommend Zac to anyone who thinks they have no options. Mine was due to the Covid, like many of you out there I’m sure. THANK YOU ZAC!!! I give you 10 outta 10 🌟

Bonnie Mooney

New Seller Testimonial on our google page-October 7,2020

So this was my first time to sale a house…I had to put my trust in someone, hoping for the best. We contacted Zac, and of course living in a world of speculation, you wonder if it is actually happening. It’s real. He figured out a way to buy our house so we could move to our new location. You can trust this guy and his process. He is truly working to help the people!

Jackie Massey- House On Westside Of Pueblo

New Seller Testimonial-Facebook Review-9/20/2020

We started this process and had no idea what was going to happen or how the process works, I just knew we wanted to sell…

Posted by Gina Lambert on Thursday, September 17, 2020

We started this process and had no idea what was going to happen or how the process works, I just knew we wanted to sell our home without having to deal with realtors, the inconvience of people going in and out of our house and waiting, possibly months, for it to sell. I did a lot of research and I am so glad we chose I Buy Pueblo Houses! Working with Zac was a pleasure, he made the process smooth and easy. We agreed on a price, which was very fair, and closed within 2 weeks. Zac has always been available day or night to answer any questions we may have and he checks on us to make sure our new home search is going well, even though we have already closed, not many people would do that. He has been 100% honest and upfront with us, that’s very rare in the business world, especially right now. We have loved working with Zac and for that reason I recommend Zac and his team at I Buy Pueblo Houses, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you again for everything Zac!

Gina Lambert

New Seller Testimonial! Facebook Page- 9/7/2020

Highly recommend Zach. He gave us a very fair price for a house that needed a lot of work and needed to be sold for…

Posted by Kathleen Quintana on Friday, September 4, 2020

Highly recommend Zach. He gave us a very fair price for a house that needed a lot of work and needed to be sold for probate. He communicated very well through the entire process which took about two weeks. A professional for sure.

New Seller Review August 12, 2020- Google Review

If you are looking for a cash house buyer in pueblo that does what he says he will do then zac with I buy pueblo houses is who you are looking for. He was able to help me sell my house within 10 days and it needed a bunch of repairs that I didnt have time to take care of. Zac gave me a fair cash offer and let me choose the closing date. I highly recommend. See More Reviews here

Sasha Desir