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Hello Zac Wilson here and I want to thank you so much for visiting this portion of my website! Providing top notch and professional service is of up most importance to me. I know you have a variety of different options with other investors like me, and I want to make sure I really set myself apart from the other guys! Here is a link to all of the GOOGLE REVIEWS that other house sellers have left me. I hope to be able to assist you in buying your house today!

Google Reviews For ” I Buy Pueblo Houses”

NEW CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL-FACEBOOK VERIFIED5/25/18-I want to thank Zac Wilson for the speedy sale of my house. I had initially planned to renovate and sell the property on my own but due to tenant issues, the house turned into a pain and I just wanted to get rid of it. I contacted Zac. He gave a cash offer and closed fast! Everything went exactly as he said. He was up front and totally honest with me throughout the process! Thank you Zac- KEVIN SNIDER-


NEW CUSTOMER TESTIMONEY-YELP REVIEWED-2/20/18-Yelp review click here

Buying and selling a home has its issues and difficulties. In my case I was selling my home and sure enough I had problems to overcome. Zac and his company made those issues stress free. Zac took care of all my concerns without any problems. He made sure that me and my family were completely involved along the way but he handled all issues on his end. The process was quick and completely fair. If I were ever to sell a house again I would absolutely use zak and his company again.





My husband and I purchased this home some time ago in horrible condition.  We gutted it out and made it a beautiful home, unfortunately it was during the time the housing market took a dump and no one was buying.  We ended up renting it out, which worked out for a while but the tenants stopped paying toward the end of the year and did not understand the concept you don’t pay you don’t stay.  Zach did exactly what he said he would do for us in the time frame he said he would.  Zach even took time on a Sunday morning to meet me and my husband at my office to answer any questions that we had about the deal and put our minds at ease about what we were doing.


“Looking to sell a property quickly. Looked for a company who buys homes in Pueblo. Checked the BBB website and found the company I Buy Homes. Met with Zach and received a quote. Closed within 10 days. Zach was very

professional, honest, competent, courteous, reliable and trustworthy. I would highly recommend dealing with Zach and his company if you need to sell a home in Pueblo.”

-Dianne P

Sara Lewis

Preston Kimler