11 Last Minute Tips And Strategies To Stop Foreclosure And Save Your Credit

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If you’re behind on your house payments, you could be at risk of foreclosure. When your situation is dire, there’s no doubt that you’re under a ton of pressure and stress.

Thankfully, there are ways you can stop foreclosure now so you can stay in your home. Before you hit the panic button, read on for 11 last-minute ways you can save your credit, prevent foreclosure, and get your financial life back on track.

1. Cut Out Extra Expenses

One way to get more income is to cut out unnecessary expenses on things like gym memberships, TV subscriptions, and weekly trips to the coffee shop. Take some time and sit down to determine places in your budget you can cut. When you eliminate expenses, it leaves you with more income to pay your mortgage in a pinch.

2. Sell Stuff to Stop Foreclosure

If you’re extremely close to having enough cash to make a payment, make up for it by selling stuff you don’t need. Host a yard sale, go online and list items, and do whatever you can to sell some things off. Not only will you get rid of clutter, but you’ll also get fast cash to pay the bills.

3. Apply for Assistance

There are some programs available that can help people at risk of foreclosure. Talk to your local jurisdiction and check with your state to find out what’s available. These programs can help you in a pinch, but be aware that they could take time to apply for and be approved.

4. Pick Up More Work

You can avoid foreclosure by gaining more income to pay the mortgage. Pick up some extra hours to make overtime whenever possible if your job allows it. You can also try a side hustle like driving for Uber or grabbing a part-time job to get some extra money coming in.

5. Consider Using Your 401(k)

If you have a 401(k), you could be eligible for a hardship withdrawal. One way to get money is if your home is at risk of foreclosure, so talk to your employer for more information. You’ll have to pay taxes and a penalty, but it could be worth it if it means you can save your home.

6. Ask About Refinancing

If possible, refinancing is one of the best ways you can stop foreclosure on your home. The process takes time and requires you to have good credit, but it’s definitely better than losing the house.

When you refinance, you can get better interest rates and lower payments, too. Talk to several lenders and find out if you’re eligible for refinancing to keep you in your home.

7. Try a Loan Modification

For those who are dealing with financial hardship, a loan modification can be a viable option. This process will stop the foreclosure process and can give you much better loan terms. When you apply, you’ll need to prove the hardship and that you cannot currently make mortgage payments.

8. A Forbearance Agreement Might Help

Sometimes, financial trouble is only temporary such as a layoff or a health-related hiatus. If you know your troubles are not permanent, you could be eligible for loan forbearance.

Under this agreement, your lender will usually lower your mortgage payment or stop payment requirements altogether for a set period of time. You will need to prove the situation and agree to resume payments after the period of forbearance expires.

9. Repay Your Late Mortgage Payments in Installments

If you’re behind on the mortgage and worried about foreclosure but your money situation has now improved, you might be able to ask about a repayment plan. This option allows you to make your monthly payments in chunks until you’re caught up.

Your lender will take the amount you’re behind and divide it into payments that will be added to your regular mortgage payment. This method is easy to do and will keep you caught up without worrying about entire months of past-due payments being required all at once.

10. Look For Cash Buyers

If you’d rather sell your home fast than go into foreclosure but you don’t have much time, consider looking for people willing to buy the home in cash. People who purchase homes for cash are out there, you just have to know where to look.

You can also list your home “as-is” so you don’t have to worry about the extra expenses associated with improvements and repairs. Cash buyers are usually looking for a good deal and a quick purchase, so try a service that finds cash buyers for you to help you avoid the foreclosure process.

11. Sell and Rent

To save money, your credit, and avoid foreclosure, consider selling your home and going back to renting. Buying a home costs a lot of money upfront in addition to maintenance costs and taxes. When you rent, you’ll save cash and salvage your credit if you can sell the home before the foreclosure process begins.

Save Your Credit

Try one or a few of these tips to help you stop foreclosure. When you’re smart about handling late mortgage payments, it’s possible to salvage your credit and avoid the nightmare of foreclosure altogether.

Talk to your lender as soon as you’re behind on payments so they can discuss possible arrangements with you. If it’s just a matter of a few hundred dollars, work overtime, host a yard sale, or try a side hustle until you’re caught up.

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