Stop Foreclosure Now Pueblo

Are you behind on your mortgage payments or on the verge of getting behind in Pueblo Colorado and want to keep your home? Have you tried getting a Loan Modification to stop further foreclosure action against your home and have recently been rejected by your mortgage company? Does your lender/servicer keep loosing your documents or do they asking for the same documents time after time even after you have sent them? Or did they tell you they would send you a Loan Modification package that you still have not received and you feel you may be getting the run-around and you need help in getting caught-up and back on track with your mortgage and not quite sure what to do? I am consistently seeing this situation play out time and time again. How do you Stop Foreclosure Now In Pueblo?

Stop Foreclosure Now Pueblo

I can help you Stop Foreclosure Now In Pueblo! The first thing that I will do in order to help save you from foreclosure will be to have an initial phone conversation with you. I will ask you questions such as: What is the condition of the house? How soon are you wanting to sell? If I am able to save you from foreclosure do you have a place to go? My goal would be to purchase your house from you before the foreclosure date.

What we will do first is figure out what your current mortgage balance is. After a certain point the mortgage company will stop sending you mortgage statements. So what we will have to do is either contact your mortgage provider, or we will contact the lenders attorney but our goal will be to get your total mortgage payoff including attorney fees. Once the lender comes back with a “payoff amount” that amount will usually be good for 2-3 weeks. The process of getting the mortgage payoff can take the lender/attorney 7-10 business days. Once we have this amount I will be able to come up with a cash offer for your house if you are wanting to go through with the sale.

If You Don’t Want To Sell Here Are Your Options

Sometimes a homeowner that is in foreclosure doesn’t necessarily want to sell they just want to bring their mortgage “current”. For all of the homeowners that want to do that you will need to file what is called an “intent to cure form”. This form will have to be filed with the Public Trustees office of Pueblo County. They can be reached here: Stop Foreclosure Now Pueblo and the direct link to the “intent to cure form” can be found here. Cure Intent Form

All in all going through a foreclosure process is not something a homeowner looks forward to going through but if you are here in Pueblo and want to Stop Foreclosure Now In Pueblo feel free to call me at 719-299-0741 or fill out the form below and one more on the next page. I will immediately contact you and go over your options for saving your house and will give you a cash offer on your pueblo house

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