What To Do With Your House While Going Through A Divorce

Going through a divorce is one of the most draining things both financially and emotionally. When property or kids are involved, the divorce process becomes that much complicated to fairly finalize. However, if you had a family home, it’s a good option to sell it as you part ways.

Selling your home will give you a clean break and closure as you get your assets in order. It can also provide both of you with cash to settle debts, cover divorce attorney fees, and if a good chunk is left over, you can get new homes.

Here are some tips you can use to get the best outcome from selling your house while going through a divorce.

Agree On Price And Scheduling Before Listing Your House For Sale

If you decide to sell your house without a realtor, you’re making a For Sale By Owner or FSBO listing. You need to analyze your local housing market to come up with a reasonable asking price. Use the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s HPI calculator to get an idea of your price range.

Before you list your home, you should agree with your spouse on:

  • The lowest offer you can accept
  • Who will remain in the house and handle viewings
  • What should be done to the house to raise its value
  • When are the appropriate times to make appointments with potential buyers

Once you agree on these details, take photos of your house and write a detailed description for your listing. Highlight your home’s best selling points so you can attract buyers. This is the easiest way to gain exposure without using a professional broker.

Preparing To Show The House

Declutter your house so that you have more space to show your potential buyers. If there are any repairs or unfinished projects that need completion, this is the best time. A spacious and well-kept appearance will significantly raise the house’s value and help you justify your asking price.

Hire professional home cleaners to scrub your home clean and make it more appealing. If one or both of you have moved out, keep some essential furniture at the house. This will give the buyers a feel of the house when it’s occupied.  

Remember that before the buyer gets into the house, they will get their first impression from the home’s exterior. Clear your driveway and mow your lawn before you start showing your home. If you have the extra bucks, you can do a little landscaping to enhance the curb appeal, and this will help in selling your house fast.

Market Your Property For Sale

After taking high-quality photos and drafting a detailed description of your home, start advertising your house for sale. Some great platforms you can use to list your house include:

  • Multiple listing services (MLS)
  • FSBO sites
  • Real Estate sites
  • Local area websites
  • Your social media pages
  • Hand out flyers around your area

Put up a yard sign outside your home so passersby can see that it’s for sale. Once people are aware that your house is up for grabs, the offers will start coming in. A great target market if you’re looking to sell quickly is cash buyers. We buy houses fast if you’re looking for a convenient quick sale. 

Meet Potential Buyers And Negotiate Offers

Hold an open house once you list your home for sale. Allot three hours during one of the weekends to invite people into your home so they can see what you’re offering them. From here you can book private viewings with interested parties.
For your safety, verify your buyer’s agent license number against the state records. You can then book a convenient time for both of you to meet and negotiate on the price. Before you discuss terms, educate yourself on what your buyer wants most from a new home. Brush up on your negotiation skills to ensure that you settle on the best price.

After The Sale

When the sale goes through, you first need to pay off any obligations on the house. After you pay off all the debts, you can divide the remaining money between the two of you.

The most common method to determine each person’s equity is to look at how much each spouse spent on the property. If one spouse used to contribute more to the mortgage during the marriage, he or she might receive a bigger portion of the proceeds. 

When the parties figure out the relative percentage that each contributed, they can divide the proceeds of the sale accordingly.

A Few Tips To Prevent Things From Getting Messy

Selling your house fast during a divorce is a business decision, and you need to remain level-headed throughout the process. For a smooth transition, we have a few tips you can use to avoid any more trouble with your spouse.

1. Take Everything You Own When Moving Out

If you move out of the house before your spouse, ensure that you carry all your belongings and valuables at one go. Assume that you have no plans of going back to the house. Divorces can be full of flared tempers and resentment, which can make your spouse retaliate by changing the locks to make it difficult for you to go back. 

2. Make Copies Of Important Documents

Before you leave, make a copy of your financial bank statements, tax returns and any pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements. These documents remove all doubt, and the pre or postnups stand- whether you live in a community property or an equitable distribution state.

3. What To Tell Potential Buyers

Don’t disclose to potential buyers that you’re going through a divorce. They might give you unreasonably low offers if they sense you’re desperate. If they ask why you want to sell, tell them you’re downgrading. 

4. Don’t Let Your Emotions Get in the Way

If you’re going to sell your house without a realtor, you both need to put your emotions aside. Both of you will benefit from a successful house sale, so don’t make the process difficult out of spite. 

Going through a divorce can make it hard to cooperate with your spouse, but these tips will go a long way in helping you make a smooth sale.

New beginnings are challenging, and selling your house for a fresh start can be emotional and draining. If you decide to go the FSBO way, sell to cash buyers for the least complications. We buy houses fast so you can get your cash quicker. There are zero agent fees involved, and we will take your home as-is.

Are you going through a divorce and are looking for a cash buyer for your house? Contact us today for a quick sale.

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