What Are The Best Months To Sell A House?

Knowing the best months to sell a home is essential as it enables you to maximize the selling price. It also helps to minimize stress from the entire process.

While most people think that spring is the perfect season to sell a home, that’s not always the case. In places such as Florida, Texas, Southern Carolina, and Phoenix, spring may not be the best time to sell a home. That’s because the weather usually gets intense in those locations – tornadoes, hurricanes, and triple-digit heat.

Accordingly, if you’d like to sell a house fast, location plays an important role. You should research to know the best time for selling a home in your area.

Below is a short analysis of the best months to sell a house.


In many locations, the first two weeks of May are the best time to sell a home. At this time, you can sell it at 18.5 days faster compared to any other month and at 5.9% more money. But, in other areas, houses sell better in June or early April.

Benefits of Selling In spring

  • Tax refunds usually come in early spring or late winter, availing more funds for renovations and repair.
  • Curb appeal improves at a period when flowers, trees, and grass bloom
  • Longer days and warmer weather encourage more buyers to get out and search for homes
  • The best time to move is on the horizon for home buyers, so most can buy a home as they know that.
  • You can beat the rush associated with summer competition

Possible Downsides

  • Competition is high, so if you have an imperfect home, you may find it hard to sell
  • Spring may not be a good time to sell if the weather in your area is still snowy, rainy, or muddy
  • If you have children and your home sells fast, you may have to get them out of school
  • Neighbors might start making major renovations or hold spring events, such as graduation parties. These activities can make tours and parking difficult


Summer is another top time of the year to sell homes. In some areas, June is ideal for home closing.

A report by ATTOM Data Solutions shows that June 28 is one of the best days to close a sale. There are many reasons why summer is among the best times to sell a home, along with a few drawbacks as well.

Benefits of Selling In summer

  • Predictable weather and more daylight hours in most areas mean there’s plenty of time to view homes.
  • Both sellers and buyers have flexible schedules for touring or showing homes
  • Spring provides more data that you can use to price a home.
  • Most buyers are eager to ensure their school-aged children settle.
  • Because their buying window is closing, home buyers are likely to make better offers and move quickly to close.

Possible Downsides

  • Some places have hot weather that doesn’t favor house hunting.
  • Being a vacation time, not many buyers may be available to look for houses in your area.
  • In areas where summer is the best selling season, competition may increase with most buyers demanding for more features and concessions.
  • Showing homes can become expensive, as you may need to maintain the yard continually and kick up your air conditioning.
  • Professionals can be busier, making it challenging to find the best realtors, contractors, or landscapers. As a result, the selling prices may increase.


Most sellers find fall to be the right time to sell a home, but others don’t. You may live along the coast where you may experience coldness and fogginess all summer, but warm and beautiful in fall.

Furthermore, your yard may be attractive with varying colors. If so, then this could be the right moment to list a home.

Benefits of Selling in fall

  • Less competition and inventory from those selling family homes.
  • The cost of renovating your house reduces, and you have more access to various professionals to assist you.
  • Sellers can use décor and foliage to make their homes more attractive than other homes.
  • Serious buyers who were unable to buy during summer and spring have the morale to buy before the holidays.

Possible Downsides

  • Buyers may start making more demands if your home has less competition.
  • Colder weather and the impending snow can keep buyers at bay.
  • In some places, curb appeal fades as your flowers and trees wither and the grass gets browner.
  • Landscapes get more difficult to maintain as foliage dries and leaves fall
  • The market can slow down as schools open and people start settling in for winter in some places such as the Midwest and New England.


In most areas, winter is the hardest time to sell homes. But, in areas such as Arizona, Southern Nevada, Florida and ski towns, winter is the best time to sell homes. Either way, if you know the upsides and downsides of selling in winter, you might sell a home in this low season.

Benefits of Selling in Winter

  • Motivated buyers may want to close so they benefit most from tax breaks
  • While relocating, most people need to find homes or start their new jobs at the beginning of the year.
  • Fewer inventories lead to lower competition among buyers, particularly in off-season markets.
  • Experienced realtors interested in year-end sales can be willing to sell your home.
  • Giving the home a holiday feel lets buyers envision staying there at that time of the year

Possible Downsides

  • Selling in markets with hot winter attracts more competition
  • Most buyers are looking for desperation in sellers to strike a deal
  • Curb appeal is low, and it’s difficult to see snow-covered landscapes.
  • Days are colder and shorter in most parts of the country, making it hard to show homes
  • It’s hard to move after you sell a home, particularly during months like January and February when it’s coldest.
  • It’s not the best time for any serious repairs or renovations.
  • Preparing the home for sale while enjoying holidays with your family can be inconveniencing.

Best Months to Sell a House

As you can see, it’s possible to sell even when it’s not the best months to sell a house. Changes in your family or financial situation might lead to a quick home listing. The same changes might prompt another family to come shopping for your home.

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