Want to Sell Your House Now? Here’s What You Should Do!

In 2019, Pueblo, Colorado’s housing market was performing better than just about anywhere else in the state. This is both good news and bad news if you’re looking to sell your house now.

Why? Because buyers are turning to Pueblo, rather than bigger cities, for affordable housing. In other words, it can be difficult to get a big chunk of change when you’re selling to the Pueblo market.

Don’t sweat! There are simple ways to improve the appeal of your home and raise the value of your property. No matter what, you’ll be able to sell your house now.

Read on to find out more about what you should do to make it happen.

Determine Your House’s Value

The easiest way to slow down your sale is to list at an asking price that’s too darn high. A smart buyer shops around and it won’t take long for them to find a house that’s comparable to yours but going for way less.

Find out the cost that other houses in the area are going for so that you can stay competitive. When you’re comparing your house to other listings, take into account the size of your property, the proximity of conveniences like grocery stores and shopping centers, and any recent updates you’ve made to your house. You can afford to go a bit over market price as long as your property has more to offer than others.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Whether you’re listing your house while it’s still being lived in or you’ve cleared it of all personal belongings and furniture, you want to make it clean.

That means clean floors and carpets, clean walls, and clean appliances. There’s nothing appealing about inheriting the previous tenant’s microwave splatter or scuffed up walls.

In the event that you will still be living there when it’s time to photograph and show your house, you’ll have a little extra work to do. Primarily, you’ll need to declutter (that means toss the junk mail and put away the dishes) and depersonalize (that means start packing up your eclectic decor that not everyone appreciates). The goal here is to give any potential buyer’s the opportunity to envision their own belongings in your home even though your stuff is still there.

Go Light and Neutral

Believe it or not, neutral colors and natural light can improve the mood of a potential buyer visiting your house.

Neutral colors like white and light tan have a tendency to reflect sunlight rather than mute it, making the room appear even brighter.┬áStudies have found that exposure to sunlight increases serotonin release, which makes us feel happier. If a potential buyer walks into a room in your house and immediately feels happier, they’re going to feel a lot more inclined to buy your house than if they feel gloomy.

Plus, it’s no real estate secret that natural light is a hot commodity. People love to live in homes that get tons of natural light during the day so they can reduce the use of artificial lights and get some extra vitamin D.

You can’t fill a house with natural light that doesn’t see much direct sun, but you can take down curtains, open up shades, and schedule your photoshoot and open house during times that your house is at its sunniest.

Perform Some Basic Updates If Needed

Since you’re trying to sell your house now, you won’t have the time to perform massive renovations. You probably also won’t want to invest in things like new appliances when you don’t have much time to haggle for a higher final price.

However, basic updates can be quick and inexpensive ways to improve the appeal of your house. You might consider repainting certain rooms or even the front door. You may also decide to replace the knobs on the kitchen cabinets with something a little more modern.

If any rooms in your house look like they haven’t been updated in decades, think of little things you can do to bring them a little closer to the 21st century.

Skip All That and Sell As-Is

Does all of this sound like too much work? Are you not operating with cleaning and updating time? Consider skipping all of that and selling your house as-is.

The process is simple.

You tell us about your property and we go over the details. We write up an agreement outlining the amount that we can give you for your house and you review it with no obligation to sign. If it works for you, we can leave you with cash in hand in as little as one week.

We don’t function as an agency, which means that you don’t have to pay us any fees to work with us or give us a commission when your house sells. We’re buying the house from you which means that without spending a dime, you’ll be walking away with a handful of cash and no obligation to play the real estate game.

Sell Your House Now With I Buy Pueblo Houses

Do you need to sell your house now and don’t have the time or desire to invest in your property? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We buy houses in Pueblo, Colorado (and occasionally Colorado Springs) and we’re glad to help you get rid of the property that’s been weighing you down. Why wait another month or two when you could seal the deal in a week?

If you’re ready for your cash offer, contact us today. Fill out our online form or give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

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