Text From Someone Wanting To Buy My House?

Text from someone wanting to buy my house In Pueblo?

Did you recently receive a text or a voicemail from someone wanting to “buy my house”? Seems a little weird doesn’t it? Your not wrong in assuming that but the reason I wrote this article was to shed some light on the issue. Not all of the people that send out those texts are legitimate, just like not all of them that send them are ill legitimate.

With the market being so hot, and the rise of the “house flipping” shows there are new investors that are popping up and getting into the game everyday. If you are planning to sell your house to one of these companies I want to be able to tell you what to look for.  Most of these investors that do phone calls, texts messages, and voicemails are doing so because of how cheap it is to get the message across. Since these new investors are tight on money when starting out, they are drawn to the cost of these advertising methods.

If you are looking to sell and I was the one looking at your house my process is very simple. I speak with you on the phone for about 5-10 mins, at which point I can then come up with at least a price range I can pay for your house. If that price range is something you would consider the next step would be for me to come and do a 5 min walk through of the house. Then I would give you a cash offer, and you can either take it or reject it. No hard feelings.

But with these other investors you really aren’t sure what you are going to get. First thing you want to do is make sure they have reviews and are registered with the BBB ( like me :0). You want to make sure you check out the google reviews of the company as well as the facebook reviews. If they are out there scamming people or aren’t legit, someone, somewhere along the line would have complained.

The other thing you want to make sure you look out for is the investors closing time frame. Unless requested by the seller I usually like to close on my houses within 7-10 days. I will also only give you a few day inspection period, so I can get my contractors and partners in a few times so we can start developing a scope of work. If you receive a “cash offer” from another investor with a 15 day inspection period and a “30 day close” then you have to start and be a little skeptical.

If you would like a cash offer on your house visit my main page here

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