Sell My Home Fast! 7 Proven Tips to Speed Up the Process of Selling Your Home

Looking to sell your home fast in Pueblo Colorado?

Well, you aren’t alone!

Around 6 million homes were sold in the United States last year; you can guarantee that a similar number will have hit the market this year too.

Those significant sales figures make it tempting to assume that selling a house is easy.

Alas, that’s often far from the case. Anybody who’s done it before knows how the process can be fraught with trials and tribulations from start to finish.

…which is bad news when all you want to do is ‘sell my home fast’.

And, let’s face it, a speedy sale’s the scenario that every seller dreams about!

Are you soon to put your house on the market? Well, a quick sale is absolutely possible. You just have to know how to do it! And that’s where we come in…

Keep reading to learn 7 proven tips to help you sell a house in record time.

1. Work With a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent isn’t essential for buying/selling a house.

Indeed, 36% of sellers now choose to go through this process alone. This is what’s called a ‘for sale by owner’ (FSBO) approach. Clearly, it’s relatively popular these days.

It’s unsurprising given the potential financial saving of soliciting a realtor for help. However, the same source indicates that only 11% of FSBO sellers are actually successful in their endeavors.

That outcome is, of course, the antithesis of a quick sale!

Working with a realtor may cost a bit of money.

But, in the bid to sell your house as quickly as possible, their support is arguably worth the expense. They take care of everything and have connections in the industry that’ll help you sell the home faster too.

2. Price It Right

The asking price for your home is another important consideration here.

Understandably, you’ll want as much money as possible for it.

However, that’s not always the best way to speed the sale along. Setting the asking price too high will effectively price yourself out of the market. With similar houses available for less money, a buyer’s attention will naturally be drawn elsewhere.

A basic rule of thumb to follow is this: the cheaper the house, the quicker the sale.

In other words, it’s a toss-up between time and money. In your bid to sell fast, you may have to sacrifice a bit of money.

3. Fix-It Up

Thinking of selling a house that needs repairs?Money’s one determining factor in a quick sale.

Quality is another.

Houses that are structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing, and require minimal work will forever be more attractive to buyers. After all, other than developers, very few people want to buy themselves a housing project!

Most want a property they can move into with as little hassle as possible.

With that in mind, set about getting your house up to standard. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and cast a critical eye over your home.

Identify the problem areas prior to sale and resolve them to speed things up when it hits the market.

4. Beautify the Space

It’s worth re-emphasizing the value of aesthetics.

Humans are visual by nature, which means we assign immense value to beautiful things.

Thus, a house that looks visually appealing will always attract greater interest from prospective buyers. Three things make all the difference:

Light, space and cleanliness.

Work hard to make your house look as spacious and light as possible. Remove unnecessary clutter (place things in storage if required), deep clean the property, re-organize the furniture, paints the walls…Do what you can to make the house look its absolute best.

5. Create a Blank Canvas

House viewings are crucial components of the selling process.

It’s your job to woo anyone who comes to have a look around!

This is where the work you put into fixing up the property and making it look pretty pays off. However, another step you can take is to depersonalize the space.

Remove family photos, fridge magnets, and paintings; place all personal decorative furnishings in storage, and so on. Next, paint the walls and carpet the floors in neutral colors that tend to have mass appeal.

The goal is to help prospective buyers imagine themselves living in the house. That’s far harder to do when your personal touches are around every corner.

Here are some more tips for getting your house ready for sale.

6. Market the House

The marketing of your house is of utmost importance to its sale.

Imagine if a business didn’t market its products/services. How would anybody know about it? In real estate, as in business, failure to market effectively paves the way to disappointment.

This is often where employing a realtor pays off.

They have the connections, time and insight to market the house for you. You sit back and relax while they sort everything out.

For anybody taking a more hands-on approach, be sure to list on the MLS and place ads in the online real estate sites. Put a ‘for sale’ outside your home and leverage social media advertising. Oh, and tell everyone that your home’s on the market!

Often, the quickest way to sell is to have a personal connection who’s on the hunt for a house.

7. Find a Cash Buyer

Cash house buyers are ideal for anybody looking for a quick sale.

These people already have the funds available to pay outright for your home. That means the sale can proceed in record time, without the hassle of waiting for mortgages to be sorted out.

The process is far simpler, meaning it can move faster. If you can find a cash buyer, then you’re onto a winner.

Help Me Sell My Home Fast!

Millions of Americans move country every year.

However, it’s wrong to assume that the process of selling a house and upping sticks is easy! It’s far more common for the experience to be a stressful and time-consuming affair.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to speed things along. Hopefully, this post has highlighted 7 of the best of them!

Are you looking to sell your house in record time? We can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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