My House Needs Major Repairs In Pueblo

Selling a house that needs repairs can be one of the most difficult things you will do. You know that the home needs to be repaired if you plan to sell for a good price. However, you might not realize that there are other things you can do to sell the house fast.

People in the industry like to say that there is a transaction in every house, and you can take advantage of that when you work with us. Consider all the ideas below when you think you need to do a lot of work to the house before selling.

How Much Work Do You Need?

Every house is different, and many homeowners need to do a couple “touchup jobs” to bring the house back to life. When you can handle the repairs to your own home, you can probably sell the house for the full price. When you realize, however, that you will need professional help to repair the house, you should consider working with us. 

The idea of spending all that money and waiting to repair the house can be daunting. You do not want to sit around worrying about how you will sell the house when you can work with us instead. You can sell the house to us for a lower price, but we will make a cash offer so that you can walk away from the house as quickly as possible.

Some homeowners also believe that the problems with their homes are not “that bad” because they think they have just one problem to solve.

This is not always the case. Look at the different systems in the house that can spiral out of control, waste your money, and make it hard for you to sell the house on the open market.


Homeowners might believe that they can replace a tub, shower, or toilet to make the house ready to sell. The problem with plumbing is that you will likely uncover even more problems when you start repairing parts of the plumbing system. When your plumber begins to work on the toilets, showers, or tubs, they might find other problems with the piping behind the walls or under the floor. 

When the plumber looks at replacing the water heater, they might discover that the pipes leading to the water heater are made from the improper materials. We know that this can be shocking, but a simple job that might have been paid for with a small personal loan now requires you to replace all the pipes in the house or around the property. 

Replacing fixtures around the house to match your new toilets, showers, and tubs can also be expensive. You might need to replace pipes for the washing machine or dishwasher. You have spent a lot of money on these plumbing repairs, and now you feel like you need to get the full asking price when sell. Ultimately, you are stuck with the house at this point.

The Roof

A roof should last 30 years. A lot of homeowners think that they need to replace the roof when they plan to sell the house, but the roof might have many good years left in it. When we buy a home, we will have it inspected so that you know how old the roof is. We will let you know if the roof needs to be replaced, and we can handle that once we buy the house from you.We are Cash home buyers so we don’t care if the roof needs to be replaced.

You never want a roofer to take advantage of you, and you certainly do not want to invest a lot of money in the house just before selling. Every time you do these major repairs to the house, you need to hold out until you get the highest price possible. We can take the house off your hands right now with a cash offer, and you will not need to worry about the roof. 

Updating The Interior

If you hire an interior decorator or contractor who will update the interior of the house, you will make the house look the way you want. When someone wants to buy the house, they may not like what you have done. You should not worry about updating the house when you know that you want to sell it. You can sell your home for cash and let us take care of that and do what we do. You also do not want to deal with any issues with the walls or any additions that might have been made to the house.

You can let go of the house today, and we can make sure that you have the cash you need to move on to another home. People who think “my house needs major repairs” will start doing little projects around the house because they want the interior to look worthy of the open market. Instead of spending all that time trying to get the right color for the walls or repairing small problems in each room, you can sell the house and let us handle it.

Some people even go to the trouble of replacing the lighting around the house and wiring different fixtures. We know that you believe this is a good idea, but you will spend a lot of money and waste time that you do not have. You cannot bring the house back to normal in time to sell it because you do not have a contractor on your side.

At the same time, we know that children might have drawn on walls, there might be small holes or nicks in the walls, and there might even be holes in the ceiling where plumbing repairs were completed. You want your home to sell, but you do not have the time to complete these repairs.


Flooring in a home is very expensive, and you do not want to waste your time and money trying to replace or clean the floors. We will clean and replace the floors once the house is flipped because we have the capacity to take care of all this. We know that choosing the flooring and finding a contractor can be very expensive, and you might find damage under the floorboards that you need to repair. A simple repair or flooring change can get very expensive very fast. 

Electrical Issues

When you have electrical issues in your home, you should not try to solve all those problems before selling. An electrician may need to replace all the wiring in the house, rewire appliances, and replace outlets. Selling a house that needs work can get expensive when you bring someone in to repair every tiny problem.

However, we will send in a home inspector before the sale closes. The inspector will tell us where the problems are around the house, and we can handle those electrical issues quickly. We know that this can be frustrating, but you do not want to spend too much money before the house sells. Allow us to handle all the electrical problems around the house including the outdoor condensers, outdoor lights, and broken outlets. 

You should not try to repair any of these problems on your own, but you can alert us to these problems when we check out the house for the first time. 

Selling A House That Needs Repairs Slows Down Your Timeline

Some people need to move immediately, and there is no time to repair the house so that it can be sold. We know that you are trying to pack and move to your new destination. The best part of our service is that we can close as quickly as you like. We will work with you on a moving date, and we will take over the house when you are gone. You do not need to do anything except focus on the next chapter of your life. You have not spent a lot of money on the house, and you do not need to worry about getting the full asking price.

We know that you might need to move right now, but you might end up waiting for a regular buyer even if you find someone today. The people that make offers on your home can back out at any time. You do not know if they have the financing they need, or they might find another house. Because you are working through a real estate agent, there is no way for you to get a sense of how the sale will go.

When we make an offer on your house, we are ready to close as soon as possible. You will not need to worry about the offer changing, and we will only send someone to inspect the house before the sale closes. Because we pay cash, we can close quickly. You get your money in moments, and we have a lawyer who can close the sale for us. You do not need to do anything, and you will not pay closing costs.

Realtors Take A Commission

Once you start searching for solutions to “my house needs major repairs”, you will discover that selling on the open market costs even more money. You will pay a commission to the real estate agent that handles the sale, and you will not have that cash when you move. We want you to walk away with all the cash that you have invested in the house, and that is why we will buy your home without any required repairs.

We do not want to make your life harder, and we do not take any money out of your sale price. We make money after the house has been repaired and sold again.

We know that you might like the realtor you are working with, but you do not want to spend too much money on that person. You deserve to walk away with all the cash that you have personally invested in your home. You might also need this money when you move.

Selling A House That Needs Work Makes Your Life Difficult

Selling a house that is in bad condition makes your life difficult. You will spend a lot of time looking for contractors, sub-contractors, and interior design ideas. You will waste your weekends trying to repair the house, and the house might not even pass an inspection when you come to sell it. 

Selling a house with help from an agent means that you need to do what they say, and you need to be open to showings at any time. The broker might even bring people to your home at the last minute because they believe they have found the perfect buyer.

You likely do not have time to deal with a broker, and you will have contractors in the house at the same time. You also need to move, find a place for the kids to go to school, and find a new job. We take out all the hassle so that you can move on with your life. Some people even need to move before the house sells, and that makes it even more difficult for you to move on with your life. We take care of everything so that you do not need to.

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