How to Throw a Simple and Successful Summer Moving Sale

Keys To A Successful Summer Moving Sale

Looking to get rid of stuff you don’t use? Good idea!

Few things feel better than a deep spring clean where you decide to remove items you don’t need or want any longer. And if you’re planning a move, it’s best to purge items now before you relocate.

But what are you going to do with all the things you want to ditch? Don’t throw them away when you could make money selling them. After all, someone’s trash can be another person’s treasure.

Moving can be an expensive process and throwing a moving sale is also a great way to make some money before you relocate.

Read on to learn about to prepare for a sale! As always if your looking to sell your house fast go here for a cash offer.

Choose the Right Date and Time

Before you get to work on your sale, you need to determine when it will be held.

This may sound simple but you want to be conscious of the date you select in order to attract the most potential business.

Steer clear or holiday weekends or times when you know people will definitely be out of town. Try to schedule your sale for a weekend and hold it early on in the day, before it gets too hot and people don’t want to spend time out in the sun.

Saturday is the best day to host the sale since it’s early on in the weekend and people want to be out and about, enjoying the summer weather.

Create Your Inventory

Go around your house and determine what items you’d like to sell.

Make a list of them and decide on pricing. This way you can stay organized and know what you’re selling and for how much. You want to keep track of your items as they go and cross them off the list.

Making this inventory list can also help you in determining how you should price items. You can research online to see how much used versions of items you have sell for and price accordingly.

You may be surprised at the value or some things or how much people would be willing to spend on them, especially when it comes to vintage or antique pieces.

Your inventory list will also help you when it comes time to set up the sale. You should separate your items into sections so that people can browse through easily and know where to search for what they’re interested in.


When it comes to setting the prices for your items, you have a few options.

Depending on the types of items you have, you can divide them into categories and place them in bins or sections that are marked with the same price throughout.

For example, you could have a $1 bin, a $5 bin, and so on, placing the items accordingly.

This may help streamline your process and will guide shoppers to various items depending on how much they’re interested in spending.

The other approach is to price everything separately.

If this is the case, you definitely want to get stickers or tags so you can label everything clearly. Otherwise, you’ll have people coming up to you constantly to ask about what an item is and what it costs.

Be prepared to negotiate when it comes to cost. You will have shoppers who offer you lower than what you’ve marked it for so decide beforehand what the lowest is you’re willing to go for items.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you sell something for much less because you felt pressure to agree to an offer.

Make sure you go to the bank and get cash, especially singles and quarters so you have the change to give to people after they make a purchase.

Keep your money close to you; in a fanny pack or some kind of bag or purse you can physically wear so you don’t risk misplacing all your earnings.


This is an essential step in a successful moving sale.

If you don’t advertise, you have no way of knowing if people will show up. This is especially important if you live off the beaten path; on a side street or in an area will little to no foot or car traffic.

Make signs that you can display around the neighborhood and post on neighborhood apps about your sale.

On your sign, be sure to include the time, location and a quick bullet point list of some of the hot items you’ll have.

For example, if you have a lot of furniture and art you’re trying to get rid of, write it on the sign! Some people like to browse garage sales but others are on the hunt for something specific so this kind of information will appeal to them.

Get a Group

There’s power in numbers and this rule holds true when it comes to moving sales.

See if any of your friends or neighbors want to join in on the fun and bring over items they have to sell.

If this is the case, be sure to advertise the sale as such.

A sale with multiple people can garner more attention and create more revenue. You can advertise on Facebook and other social media platforms and the neighbors who are joining will be advertising as well, so it’s a joint effort all around.

Refreshments Are Key!

Since it’s summertime, the temps will rise and it’s nice to offer your shoppers a little refreshment.

Have small bottles of water available or make lemonade or ice tea that you can pass out in disposable cups. Your shoppers will be more likely to stick around and keep browsing if they’re comfortable and hydrated.

Plan Your Moving Sale Today!

With the guide above, you can plan your moving sale today. Make some extra cash before you relocate and get rid of those unwanted items that have been lying around for years.

Be sure to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of prep time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends or neighbors since it’s a big chore to take on alone.

Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful tips you can use when moving or selling your home!

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