Spruce Time: 7 Home Landscaping Upgrades Before You Sell Your Home

Is your home landscaping overgrown, outdated, or otherwise lacking? A lack of curb appeal could affect how quickly your home sells.

Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see when they check out your listing online, drive by your home, or stop by an open house. If it’s clean, inviting, and visually appealing, people are more likely to want to see what’s inside your home.

If it’s ugly or lacking, your landscaping becomes another project a potential owner has to tackle. That can turn away some buyers who might otherwise find your home is a perfect fit.

Sprucing up your landscaping can help you sell your home quickly. Check out these ideas for making your home’s exterior more appealing.

1. Clean Up the Landscaping

Start with the most basic option: cleaning up what’s already there. That includes the plants you have, the hardscape features, and your home’s exterior. Overgrown planting beds or dirty, grimy surfaces detract from your home’s look.

Weed any flower beds or garden areas to clean then up. If your flowers are overgrown, consider dividing them or removing some of the plants to make the space look less cluttered.

Remove any plant debris in your landscaping. Rake and collect leaves and remove fallen sticks and branches from your yard and landscaped areas.

Mow and edge your lawn regularly while you’re trying to sell your home. If you don’t have time to maintain your lawn, hire someone to do it for you.

Grab a pressure washer to clean the dirt off of outdoor structures. Pressure wash your deck, siding, walkways, fences, and other landscaping features. Follow pressure washer safety guidelines, including using a lower setting to avoid damage, using a wide spray nozzle, and keeping the wand a safe distance from the surface.

Move clutter out of the landscaping. That includes things such as bikes, trash cans, garden tools, and other things that aren’t decorative.

2. Trim Shrubs and Trees

Shrubs and trees add privacy and shade to your landscaping. But they can also become an eyesore if you let them become overgrown.

Spruce up your landscaping easily by pruning the trees and shrubs around your home. Trim off scraggly branches from shrubs and bushes. Shape up the bushes for a polished look.

For trees, start with branches that hang low or get in the way of the driveway and other features. Remove branches that block views of architectural features or that block the view out of the home. Cut out any dead branches while you’re trimming to keep the trees and bushes healthier.

3. Add or Refresh Mulch

Mulching your landscaped areas gives them a finished look. It covers the dirt and gives a consistent ground cover. It also helps retain moisture, which can help your plants look better to improve curb appeal.

Mulch is usually inexpensive. You can sometimes find free mulch from tree services for your city if they collect branches from residents.

You can also buy mulch at home improvement stores with different colors available. Consider the other colors in your landscaping to pick a shade of mulch that works well.

If you already have mulched planting beds, check on the material to make sure it’s in good shape. If it looks matted, faded, or thin, consider adding a new layer on top to freshen up the look.

4. Plant Flowers

Flowers are inexpensive and easy to plant. They add rich color and texture to your landscaping. It’s an instant curb appeal boost that doesn’t take much time or money to do.

If you don’t already have planting beds, you can add flowers in pots. Place the pots strategically near your front stoop, front door, or other areas where you want to draw attention.

Annual flowers last just one season, unlike perennials, which come back every year. Annuals are usually cheaper, so you can save money on this landscaping project. They also tend to bloom for most of the season and have bright, showy flowers, which makes them visually appealing.

5. Add or Replace Lighting

Exterior lighting draws attention to your home and gives it a welcoming glow. Lighting also adds a safety element to your home. It lets visitors see well to avoid tripping and discourages potential burglars from approaching the home.

Swapping out an old fixture for something more updated gives your home an instant boost. Choose an exterior fixture that fits your home’s architectural style and offers ample illumination.

Consider adding more lights if your home’s exterior is dim. You’ll want to hire an electrician if you’re installing a new fixture where you’ve never had one.

You can also add solar lighting for quick additional illumination without messing with wiring or hiring an electrician. Pathway solar lights, light caps for deck posts, and solar spotlights add lighting throughout your landscaping.

6. Paint

Is the paint on your home looking faded or damaged? A fresh coat of paint instantly makes your home look newer and fresher.

Repainting your entire home is a major undertaking, but if the paint is in bad condition, it can make a big improvement in your curb appeal.

If the siding is still in good shape, focus on smaller areas that can make a big impact. That might include your front door, shutters, trim, deck, or a specific architectural feature.

Color choice can also make an impact on curb appeal. Painting your front door a bright, inviting color can help make a better first impression when potential buyers visit.

7. Add Hardscape Features

If you want to make a bigger impression, consider adding hardscape features into your landscaping. This might include a paver or stone walkway, paver patio, water feature, or barbecue area.

Adding seating or entertaining areas can also add to the curb appeal. You might build a simple fire pit in your backyard or install a porch swing on your covered front porch. These additions provide a spot for the new owners to entertain and enjoy the space.

Improve Your Home Landscaping

Your home landscaping impacts the first impression that potential buyers get when they approach your home. Spending a little time sprucing it up can make your home seem more appealing and draw people inside. You don’t have to tackle every landscaping project, but even a few small changes can help your sale price.

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