5 Best Tips for Selling a House As Is In Pueblo

5 Best Tips for Selling a House As Is In Pueblo

Watch enough home renovation shows, and you’ll think you have to make your home TV-worthy before it can sell. Here’s why you need tips on selling a house as is.

After selling over 5 million homes last year, the United States housing market is recovering well. If you’re ready to sell your home but can’t make any huge renovations before listing, you might think it’s impossible to sell.

There are many different kinds of buyers that would like to invest in your property, but there are some tips to getting the home to sell more quickly.

Here are the top 5 best tips for selling a house as is.

1. Focus on the Positives of the Property

Even the most beat up property in the best location is valuable to someone. Make sure your real estate agent focuses on the positives of the home to make it more enticing to potential buyers.

Other positives to look at could be lot size, home square footage, or an open floor plan.

2. Disclose Everything Up Front

After completing a pre-inspection of your home, make sure to disclose all the problems with your property up front in your listing. This will help weed out the buyers who can’t take on those types of projects.

This will narrow your scope of buyers to those who are looking for investment property or a home to quickly flip. There are also home buyers who are okay with tackling a few projects before moving in.

3. Pricing is a Large Part of Selling a House As Is

Note that you might need to lower your listing price if the inspection uncovers a lot of issues with the home. You won’t be able to price your home the same as homes on your block that have had a full renovation.

Factor in any repairs the home needs to fairly price the home for what it’s worth. Buyers will appreciate a fair an appropriate price that’s comparable to other homes that are selling in your area.

Also be aware that you need to be flexible if you have a potential buyer who wants to negotiate the price. If you aren’t willing to fix the home, you might need to accept a lower price than you originally thought of.

4. Think About Doing Minimal Work

Even if you intend to sell the house as is, consider doing minimal work to increase the home’s value. This will also help make the house feel more inviting for potential buyers.

Small upgrades you can do for cheap are choosing a neutral color paint, updating your plumbing, addressing any water or mold damage, fixing electrical work, and installing a new water heater.

You can choose one or multiple of these to invest in to get your money back through the home sale.

5. De-clutter Your Home

If you can’t make repairs or renovations, the least you can do is clean up around your home to make it look the nicest it can. This means cleaning off all countertops and surfaces.Â

Other things you can do are mowing the lawn, dishes clean and put away, making the beds, putting away toys, taking out the trash, and cleaning the rooms.

Get Top Dollar

These tips will help you when selling a house as is to make it easier for you to get top dollar for your home. Simply adding a new coat of paint and cleaning around the house can be the key to selling your home as is and fast.

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