I’m About to Sell My House: How Do I Find My Property Lines?

In 2018, 5.34 million existing homes were sold in the U.S. according to the National Association of Realtors. That means more than 5 million people felt the relief of seeing a sold sign in their front yard. If you’ve never sold a house before, the process is more complicated than you might think. You’ll need … Continued

What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know About Selling A House As Is

Each year, about 1.2 million homes become available for sale in America. In some cases, these properties get listed for sale “as is.” This type of real estate transaction is common in all market types. Yet, there are quite a few differences that occur during the listing and selling process. Read on so you can know … Continued

8 Inexpensive Ways to Prepare for Selling Your Home Fast

Are you getting ready to sell your house? Before you put it on the market, you may want to make some inexpensive improvements that can lead you to selling your home fast! It’s pretty surprising how much you can fix up your home with a modest budget. Some improvements may even be free. What can you … Continued

Should You Have a Pre Sale Inspection Before Selling Your Home?

We want to think that we’re good people – right? And the people we’re buying from (eventually) are good too. Which means they’d find out every potential issue about the house before they put it on the market. But is that realistic? Yes and no – it depends on the case. For example, if you … Continued

Top 3 Options of What to Do with an Inherited House

You never talked a lot to your Great Aunt Mary, so you’re surprised when you get the call that she passed away and you’re the recipient of the inherited house. She lives outside of town and kept to herself, but she also kept the property in immaculate condition with no pets and apparently few visitors. … Continued

Top 3 Reasons People Sell a House for Cash Quickly

Every year, millions of homes in the United States are sold. And though many sellers are happy with the money they get out of a successful home sale, others are frustrated with the lengthy process of finding a buyer, waiting for loan approvals, and dealing with agents. For these reasons and many others, many Americans … Continued

Rockstar Home Selling Tips To Always Remember

Home selling can be quite the challenge, regardless if you’re a newbie or veteran in the real estate industry. You may have been selling different kinds of properties, or even selling your first house, and still bump into some difficulties. This is a natural part of home selling, as different homes in different areas also … Continued

Removing Name From Deed After Divorce Pueblo Co

Is the home you bought with your spouse the most valuable asset to divide during your divorce? Make sure you claim your ownership interest. The divorce decree, also called a judgment or order, describes how to divide assets. In most situations, the decree won’t transfer property between ex-spouses. You and your ex must handle the division of property … Continued