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Hello Zac Wilson here and I want to thank you so much for visiting this portion of my website! Providing top notch and professional service is of up most importance to me. I know you have a variety of different options with other investors like me, and I want to make sure I really set myself apart from the other guys! Here is a link to all of the GOOGLE REVIEWS that other house sellers have left me. I hope to be able to assist you in buying your house today!

Google Reviews For ” I Buy Pueblo Houses”


Zac was the silver lining in my dark cloud!
I was in a rough spot with my mortgage, my house wasn’t in the best shape, and I didn’t have the time or money to get it back up to Par.
I contacted this page, Zac replied almost immediately. He came by the house, was very respectful and unjudging. He made me a fair offer….which was actually more than I had expected.
Zac did all of the leg work for me to sell the home. All I had to do was show up 2 weeks later to sign the papers. It was that easy and that fast!
Zac was very accommodating timewise for allowing us to get what we could out of the home. He communicated frequently throughout the process. I couldn’t have asked for anything to go differently.

Sara Lewis- Pueblo House Seller

Sara Lewis

Preston Kimler

New Seller Testimonial 6/1/17-This testimonial AND others can be verified by using the link to facebook directly below the post!

“I contacted Zac because of his Facebook posts and reviews from others. He answered all of my questions and did everything he said was going to do. He stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process. He was professional, yet friendly. His very fair cash offer eliminated any headaches and streamlined the closing process. Everything went quickly and smoothly. I would not hesitate to do business with him again and would highly recommend him.”




I am very grateful for the kind and considerate service that I received from Zac Wilson regarding a property that I had inherited in Pueblo, CO.  Zac understood that selling this house was a sensitive issue for me and he helped me throughout the process.  He made a complex process very simple so that I completely understood what I was doing and I could get the check upon closing.
I was pleased that Zac cared about his integrity and his reputation to the point where he was willing to forego the deal until I understood the process completely.  Thank you for your kindness, promptness, sensitivity, and sense of humor.  I would be happy to extend a recommendation for you in the future.
Jen Moriarty
Jen Moriarty

Zac was helpful and friendly and was able to buy our home quickly and without any hassle!

Austen & Crystal,N.

“The house sat vacant for 4 years”

I inherited a house from my father passing away a couple of years ago. I lived in Denver and I didn’t have the time or the resources to get down to pueblo and take care of the property. The house sat vacant for 4 years, had multiple weed liens from the city, and the taxes weren’t paid.  Zac sent me a letter, I then called him and he bought my house in 2 weeks!

Robert Evans

Thank you Zac for buying my vacant house! I inherited a property when my father passed away 5 years ago and the house needed a ton of work. For the first few years I did some minor touch up work to the house but ultimately wasn’t able to afford the fix up. A realtor also told me she wouldn’t be able to list it because of the work needed. Well I received a letter from Zac saying he buys houses in my area, I called him and he came out and gave me an offer on the spot like he said! He closed in 2.5 weeks and the process was hassle free!

Ralph. N

I moved out of town and had an empty house I needed to sell. I contacted Zac for help. He delivered a quick cash sale as he promised. The whole process was very easy and Zac handled everything in a professional manner. I would highly recommend working with Zac


Zac you were phenomenal!! You understood my needs and met them in short order! You gave me my asking price and closed in 2 weeks! I really appreciate that.

Matt R

I recently contacted and sold a house I owned in Pueblo West to Zach Wilson. I responded to a mailer from I received from ibuyhouses and was very pleasantly surprised. I live in Minturn so we did everything by e-mail and phone. We had a couple of phone conversations and talked about the house and what I wanted to get for it. Zach wanted a walk thru and inspection. I arranged that and he agreed on the price I was asking. We closed within two weeks. The money was wired to my bank and the whole experience was pleasant, timely, and commotion free.

George Brodin

Thank you Zachary for buying my rental property in Pueblo Colorado.  You were very informative and responded in a speedy manner and you were available 24/7.  I will refer others to you looking to sell their home.   Thanks again for a great job.   

Diana Green

Zac thanks so much for the speedy closing. I had an empty house that was an absolute financial burden for me! Zac bought my house in 1 week like he said he would initially! This sale of my home could not have come at a better time! Thanks Zac

Stephen D

Well where do I start. I purchased a home 5 years ago on the east side of pueblo a few years ago with the intention of fixing it up and renting it out. Well I hit some hard financial times and the house just ended up sitting there for YEARS. Zac wrote me a letter stating that he buys houses here in Pueblo so I called him up and im sure glad I did. He bought my house in its current condition and he bought it in 1 week! Thanks Zac.

Ricky C

Thank you Zac Wilson for purchasing my property so quickly! Everything was very professional and went smoothly!

Michelle H

I would really like to thank you Zac for the generous offer you made and the professional standard throughout this whole process. As a business man you were truly respectful for my family home regardless of the condition. The legal work was finished in a timely manner and finely detailed. I highly recommend Zac to anyone looking to sell their home FAST. Zac will not disappoint you, and that’s a guarantee.

Agnes Garcia

Zac Wilson gave me a quick and hassle free closing and gave me a FAIR cash offer! Most importantly it was a quick closing! He closed in 2 weeks! I would highly recommend this buyer to anyone looking for a fast closing.


Tiniesha Rasmussen

Zac Wilson was very quick and he made sure and kept me in the loop the whole time while up to closing. The closing was FAST and very hassle free. This is an honest an up front young man and I would refer anyone his way who is looking to sell their home fast!


Patricia Morrow